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We firmly believe that accurate diagnostics have a key role in successful treatment. 

This is why we apply cutting-edge technological tools for accurate diagnostics, improved communication with patients and minimized radiation exposure during imaging procedures.

One of the advantages of this diagnostic method is that the images are delivered and saved digitally, and they can be shared by e-mail with other doctors if needed.


This imaging technique provides a comprehensive view of all teeth in both jaws, the temporomandibular joints, sinuses, and neighboring structures. It’s a powerful tool that helps us assess the presence of all teeth (lack or excess), the position of permanent teeth, the position of wisdom teeth, the condition of bone tissue, possible caries, periapical processes, and presence of cysts.
This image is essential when planning and performing any dental procedures such as tooth extraction, implant placement or prosthetic work. If necessary, an overview of the overall situation of the oral cavity is complemented by RVG and CT scans.


Digital RadioVisioGraphy allows us to capture highly detailed, magnified images of tooth crowns, roots, the periodontium, and the surrounding alveolar bone. This is how we discover cavities, inflammation and general condition of the bone. This imaging technique reduces radiation exposure by up to 95% compared to traditional X-rays. With an intraoral sensor, the image is promptly transferred to a computer, where we can meticulously analyze every aspect in fine detail.

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