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Whether it’s a deep cavity or an injury, we treat the dental nerve within the crown and root of to provide you with the best possible solution and avoid tooth extraction.

The dental nerve is situated within the crown and root of the tooth, which can be affected by deep caries or tooth injury. In such situations, root canal treatment is performed to save the tooth. Our main goal is to preserve the tooth and to avoid extraction.

Why was dental treatment (“nerve extraction”) once an unpleasant experience?

The lack of effective anesthesia or “live work” was the cause of very unpleasant pain during root canal treatment. Due to that, nerve extraction is considered to be the most unpleasant procedure in dentistry. With the use of modern anesthetics, the dental treatment procedure is now completely painless. Using digital X-ray diagnostics and mechanical processing of the root canal, the root of the tooth can be cleaned from inflammatory tissue in just one visit.

Radiovisiography (RVG) enables insight into the number, position and curvature of tooth roots and the condition of the surrounding bone structures. The exact length of the root canal is obtained by precise measurement using an endometer, since the main condition for the success of dental treatment is knowing the exact length of the canal.

The cleared space of the root canal is filled with gutta-percha (gum mass) and filling resin, providing a three-dimensional seal and prevent the re-entry of microorganisms (bacteria).
Depending on the degree of tooth decay, a white filling or crown is placed after the tooth treatment.

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