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Metal-free crowns offer a compelling blend of superior quality and durability in dental restorations.

While sharing mechanical attributes similar to metal-ceramic crowns, metal-free crowns present many advantages that set them apart.

Zirconia crowns are a very popular type of metal-free restorations.
Zirconia has exceptional mechanical properties; it is white and it is one of the strongest dental materials available. Renowned for their aesthetic and mechanical excellence, zirconia crowns have gained popularity due to their capacity to create a vast range of metal-free bridges.

Even with zirconia’s revolutionary impact on crown fabrication, the aesthetic prowess of lithium disilicate ceramics remains unquestionable.
Metal-free crowns, made entirely from ceramics, achieve the pinnacle of aesthetics. These restorations replicate the natural characteristics of teeth and transmit light like natural teeth. Metal-free crowns fit seamlessly within the dental arch, particularly when replacing only specific teeth. Their interior is made of materials that are described as bio-compatible, ensuring that they do not cause adverse reactions from surrounding tissues, but they facilitate the shaping of gingival contours to resemble those around natural teeth.

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