Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, can significantly impact both the bite anatomy and the appearance of the lower third of the face.

Many individuals exhibit para-functional oral habits during their sleep, such as tooth clenching and grinding. Consequently, these behaviors give rise to a range of issues within the stomatognathic system. Patients often report pain in the temporomandibular joint, discomfort in the masticatory muscles, and the potential onset of headaches.

Teeth undergo wear, losing their natural height, shape, and sometimes even developing cervical defects that expose tooth necks.

It’s important to recognize that teeth grinding can influence the alignment of the bite, which, in turn, affects the overall appearance of the lower face.

These nocturnal movements are frequently linked to daily stress and serve as a way for our bodies to cope while we are in a relaxed state.

Although we cannot prevent these involuntary movements, there are steps we can take to safeguard our teeth from further damage.

Retainers are simple yet effective devices designed for this purpose. Made of transparent foil, the creation of these devices starts with a visit to the dental clinic, where an impression of your teeth is taken. Using this impression, a model is created at the dental laboratory, and a special foil is then tailored to fit.

The retainer should be worn every night, it doesn’t cause any disturbances as it only covers your teeth and prevents direct contact during parafunctional movements.

Retainers are ideal for maintaining the proper alignment of teeth following orthodontic treatment. Additionally, their application is strongly advised for individuals who have undergone prosthetic treatments like veneers, crowns, or bridges. This recommendation is especially relevant for patients exhibiting parafunctional habits, as retainers can effectively prevent unintended damage to ceramic restorations and the natural teeth that surround them.

Furthermore, retainers offer significant benefits to patients dealing with periodontal conditions. By wearing retainers, these individuals can minimize the risk of undesirable tooth movement.

Sports retainers

Sports retainers offer a crucial solution to mitigate the risk of sports-related injuries and protect athletes from potential dental damage. These specialized soft foils provide a practical way to shield teeth during various physical activities.

Retainers are used in numerous sports disciplines, including boxing, cycling, football, handball, martial arts, roller skating, and more.

Retainers are available in a range of colors, so you can select options that align with your preferences.

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