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The preservation and durability of teeth are closely intertwined with the health of the gums.

he path to a perfect smile is closely related to general gum health, a concept referred to as „Pink Aesthetics“ in modern dentistry. Gum health also significantly affects teeth durability.

Periodontics is a specialized field focused on the well-being of both the supportive structures of teeth and the delicate tissues within the oral cavity.

The affected periodontium can be treated conservatively and surgically:

  • Scaling (ultrasound and manual instruments) and sandblasting
  • Instructions on adequate oral hygiene and dental plaque control
  • Treatment of periodontal pockets
  • Establishment of occlusal-articulation relationships
  • Restoration
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Treatment of some general ailments

Surgical treatment includes:

  • Gingivectomy and gingivoplasty
  • Modified Widman flap surgery
  • Mucogingival surgical procedures (frenectomy, apically positioned flap, extension of the gingival zone and vestibular deepening)

Adequate emergency treatment procedures are carried out in case of emergencies, which include drainage of periodontal abscesses and the use of appropriate antibiotics.

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