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Our cooperation with patients is founded on mutual trust, compassion and understanding.

Sanjin Kasalović

Born on June 23, 1985. in Rijeka. After excelling at Andrija Mohorovičić High School, he pursued his studies at the Faculty of Dentistry in Rijeka, where he graduated with top honors in 2008.

After his internship, he built valuable experience at a private clinic where he worked for 6 years, which prompted him to open his own private practice, which opened its doors on July 1, 2015.

In 2019, he completed postgraduate specialist study in Dental Implantology and thus obtained the academic title

By attending trainings, conferences and courses in Croatia and abroad, he aims to provide to his patients most advanced high-quality services. His areas of interest encompass implantology, aesthetic dentistry and implant prosthetics.

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Our love for dentistry and the genuine care for those who rely on our services ignite our dedication.

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To ensure comprehensive care to our patients, we feature specialized X-ray services such as Orthopantomogram (OPG) and RadioVisioGraphy, digital x-ray (RVG) technology.

Dental laboratory managed by Dinko Rendić, dental technician, is located within our premises, therefore we provide our patients with an all-inclusive service.

The relationship between a patient and a dentist must stand on strong grounds, both when it comes to adults and children. Despite his younger age, Dr. Kasalović boasts noticeable experience and he aims to approach every patient with a personalized touch. Patients appreciate his cheerfulness as soon as they meet him, and his extremely steady hand makes them forget their fear of dentists.

We live in a visual era, when everyone wants to be prettier, brighter and neater. The same applies to the oral cavity, and people pay increasingly more attention to it. Our desire is to protect and maintain the patient’s health, in first place, as well as to develop their self-confidence.

Patient satisfaction is a goal that demands hard work and individual approach, as well individualized attention for each patient in order to avoid stressful situations. During appointments, each patient is made to feel uniquely important, and scheduling is tailored to individual needs. Building trust, empathy, and understanding is a joint endeavor for both dentist and patient, as the doctor is here to assist in every situation.

Our Approach

Your trust is extremely important for us,

and we’re here to analyze results and guide you through every step of the process.

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