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A dental implant, often referred to as a titanium screw, serves as a highly effective solution for replacing missing teeth.

This innovative procedure involves the placement of a titanium screw within the bone, effectively mimicking the function of a natural tooth root. Subsequently, an artificial tooth can be securely affixed to this implant.

If we consider that 40% of people over 65 lack several teeth, the expansion of implantology should not come as a surprise.

The process of seamlessly replacing a missing tooth with a titanium implant offers a host of benefits. By expertly positioning the implant within the bone, it eliminates the need to alter adjacent healthy teeth, a requirement often associated with traditional bridgework. Moreover, this approach curtails bone resorption around the area of the extracted tooth, a consequence typically induced by the absence of natural stimulation from the chewing process.

Implants achieve a remarkable integration rate of 98%. In situations involving multiple missing teeth, it is advisable to consider placing an equivalent number of implants. The implantation procedure, performed under local anesthesia, boasts efficiency, with each implant typically taking around ten minutes. Following a brief recovery period, an abutment, or supportive structure for the crown, is positioned atop the implant. This facilitates the immediate attachment of an artificial tooth, culminating in a natural and aesthetically pleasing result.

Beyond single-tooth replacements, implants serve as reliable supports for bridges and prostheses. We employ implants from esteemed manufacturers such as Nobel, Megagen, and Neodent, ensuring the highest quality standards for our patients.

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